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Roof Repair Canberra

With over 30 years of experience with roof repairs in Canberra, we are all too aware of how the weather and lack of maintenance on a roof can be pretty tough on it which is one of the main reasons our customers require roofing repairs.  King Roofing can assist you with full roof restoration to a minor roof repair. At King Roofing we keep our prices affordable. There really is no better choice when looking for a roof repair service in Canberra.

So why is roof repair important? Well a structurally damaged and leaking roof may cause major damage to your home if left untreated. It can lead to damp on ceilings and walls which can cost loads to repair not to mention how dangerous it can be. We ask you to contact King Roofing if you see any leaks in your roof so we can prevent further damage from happening.

Roof Repair Contractors in Canberra

At King Roofing we provide the most professional roof repairs and roof restorations Canberra has to offer at such low prices. As King Roofing have over 30 years providing roof repair to Canberra, our customers know they are in safe hands. Our Canberra roof repair team take great pride in our Quality of workmanship, our customers have come to learn that the name ‘King Roofing’ represents high quality work, so our team take our reputation in Canberra extremely seriously, this is why our customer service is second to none!

As King Roofing are a family run business in Canberra, our services are guided towards quality roof repairs Canberra. Having been in the Canberra roofing industry for what feels like a life time (in a good way), our experience with homes and also commercial roofs has ensured we are the trusted roofing company in Canberra for roof repairs.


“Great experience and customer care. I highly recommend getting in touch with King Roofing for all your roof repair Canberra needs. High quality workmanship and very knowledgeable staff.”

Matthew – Canberra

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Emergency Roof Repairs Canberra

King Roofing in Canberra provides excellent emergency roof repairs Canberra. During our many years working on roofs in Canberra, the experience has given us both the knowledge and skill-set to deal with any emergency roof repair issue our clients may face.

Due to our high experience in emergency roof repairs Canberra, we know it can be so stressful dealing with a roofing emergency.  Being stuck with a roofing emergency is horrible, especially when you have no help.  So King Roofing are pleased to offer the best emergency roofing service in Canberra. You know King Roofing are there for you, day or night whatever the emergency roof repair that is required.

roof repair canberra

Should You Choose Roof Restoration?

At King Roofing our customers know that we have a track record of excellence. Our Canberra roof repair team are the leading company that actually care about our customers. Our reviews say it all really, but our customers are happy with our professionalism from start to finish, this includes our fantastic after care.

Why are we different from the other roof repair Canberra companies?  Well with King Roofing, you are genuinely dealing with a local roofer. We know our customers in Canberra want to deal with a company who live and work in Canberra.  Taking time to understand your roofing issues helps us provide you with expert advice from the very start! 

If you’re looking for an inspection and quote for a roof repairs Canberra or if you just have some questions, contact our team, we would love to hear from you!


“Highly recommend, they are professional and finished the job on time with quality work. I would like to applaud the team for their excellent work.”

Shauna – Canberra

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